Hiring Writers for Music Instructional Blog

Hiring Writers!

Hyphenate Music Academy is hiring writers for our blogs and instructional content. If you are a freelance writer and experienced musician, singer, songwriter, music producer, music videographer, graphic designer, or web designer, then we are interested in paying you to write for us!

Here are a few subjects that we need to have written:

Subjects We Seek:

By no means is this an exhaustive list!

Growing Your Passagio
Consonants & Glottal Stops
Psychology of Singing
Vowel Triads
Major Scales
Inverted Scales
Overcoming Hoarseness
Stamina Workouts
Distortion & Grit

We are also taking pitches for article ideas not on this list so long as they adhere to the theme of our blog. Average article length is 1000 words. We offer competitive compensation per article, plus a profile link, plus bonuses based on any traffic you drive with a custom link you will be provided for each approved article you submit.

To be considered please submit your information using the form below:

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